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The Border Wall Page - Unchain the world to reach our true potential

The Border Wall and Security

I believe that there should be no border walls. When someone crosses from one country into another country they travel from one system of laws to another system of laws. Discrepancies between local legal systems otherwise known as legal jurisdictions can cause problems. However, everybody within any country should be treated equally. Preferential treatment based on country of origin is unjust discrimination akin to racial, religious, and gender discrimination. The negative sentiments associated with the words "foreigner" or "alien" which leads to the notion of the inferior "other" are wrong. Therefore, these words are related to words like "nigger."

I believe that immigrants should automatically be granted citizenship by the hosting country. However, immigrants should be encouraged to identify themselves as soon as they cross the border. If a document in the country of origin is valid identification then that same document should be honored in the hosting or receiving country. I know that the implementation of this idea is difficult. However, we have the technology to accomplish this. It just comes down to logistics, time, and work. If someone does not have any documents that are acceptable then the receiving country takes fingerprints, DNA prints, pictures and data needed to identify the person and issues them an ID free of charge. With this information it would be easier to track people and provide better security. If anyone crosses over without identifying themselves they are not viewed as illegal and they automatically are citizens and treated the same as anyone else. The only difference is that such individuals have no valid ID and are undocumented. If an undocumented person commits a crime then they get identified and they get a valid ID and are placed in rehabilitation and held accountable. Employers are encouraged to provide undocumented people a valid ID when they get a job. Notice that I said "encouraged" not "required." Force should be minimized in an identification scheme.

But how about security, shouldn't there be a wall or some system of restriction of movement to keep "bad people" from doing harm? The answer, in my opinion, is "No." Let people go anywhere they want in search of opportunity. The freedom to go anywhere to pursue your dreams should be a universal human right. However, there should be a highly intelligent system of computers, communication networks, cameras, radar, image identificaton software, and other advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to track people. Such a system would be able to track undocumented people to some extent.

Now, it looks like we have a big problem. We have an identification and tracking system and universal citizenship. A privileged few have access to the data in the tracking system and they can use this information to control and oppress the average person. Looks like this will create an oppressive government like George Orwell's 1984 ( Big Brother is watching you. ) This is only true if access to the tracking system is limited to a privileged few. With the right implementation of the technology access to the tracking system is available to everyone. When you think of the tracking system, think of the Wikipedia. It has no barrier for entry. It is free and open. The only requirement is a device that has access to the internet. Libraries and many places provide this for free. Universal access will force everyone to be honest because everyone is equally empowered.

I believe that the world wants to be unified and borderless. If we continue to use force to keep it divided, we will never achieve a truly free world and we will never reach our true potential. <<Writings>>