Orange que te quiero verde, that's Poeticah

The Visual Poetry of Poeticah explores the boundaries between poetry, languages, and traditional with computer visual art.

This is a poem from my chapbook Blue Mundi.

<<Blue Mundi>> Tsumexori l a b e l s bottled in concentration camps soaked in fields and maquiladoras Now karaoke to the myst and mirrors of Quetzalcoatl and Buddha Tsumexori-songs Surfing the crest of Her wave rarely walk in jeans Salsa in fleshy samurai robes screaming at night in kabuki dramas Boil the eyes out into Pacific Oceans of mushroom-cloud-tinged tears buffalo-skin-filled sobs bathing Hiroshima caressing Aztlán Chant in veladora vigils forming Cascade Mountains of wax dressed in Virgen de Guadalupe esperanzas hugging Nagasaki kissing Aztec odysseys That was Tsumexori’s healing trance Now fiesta in her Aikido dance Bravo Banzai Laughing to the sky in the key of fuchsia flamenco into Karate’s flying kick ballets Fall for Ju-jitsu’s embraces and flings High on the aroma of Sumo and Lucha Libre’s tierra bloom into giant Chrysanthemums swaying with Noche Buenas Hyphenated and separated by sake cheap American made tainted with shades of generic mezcal Now one machete swing cut the 8-to-5 manacles Drive away from monochrome metallic-skinned SUVs and cars in bouncing hydraulic low-riding solar-powered ranflas and bicycles painted marble granite turquoise amethyst jade roses embracing Rising Sun and American-Indian Gods and Goddesses making Haiku-Powwow Love Tame the military asphalt on highways into multi-floral quilts teeming in the colors of seasons stretching to the dawn of the First Sun Break away from the bondage of clothes sick with the blues the whites the grays the blacks the tans Chained in roman alphabet logos Smile the minds out into roller-coaster fabrics purple orange pink plaid paisley animal prints weaving the embroidery of Mayan hieroglyphics Designs mating with Kana Cacahuates Japones crunching into sushi sand between the toes California Dreamin’s waft through sunset hair Rosa Mexicano dresses cherry blossom covered kimonos lambada together climax into the pink tsunami Mexican satori the wave in the Goddess Tsumexori <<Blue Mundi>>