Orange que te quiero verde, that's Poeticah

The Visual Poetry of Poeticah explores the boundaries between poetry, languages, and traditional with computer visual art.

This is a poem from my chapbook Blue Mundi.

<<Blue Mundi>> Ofiyafaya! The Yovo woman and her Fon man stand by the baobab tree mouths open to the sky drinking rain holding hands high to Shango’s power Shango gleams scarlet-ivory flashes crackles and roars lifts his double axe then strikes Their spirits join their ancestors entwine into the baobab tree then they dream Dream of Fifa who runs with Shango’s wind-electric southward down the hills to the coastal sand-plain Fifa enters a crowd gathered at the beach Charged with Shango’s fire-breeze they chant Fifa Oyaya! Agolo Agolo! Fifa Oyaya! Agolo Agolo! Form a circle round Fifa Chanting circle rotates as Fifa spins in the center radiating hug-waves outward Yemandja all blue and rippling-white swirls into the circle’s source Leg-shells shake and rattle Body paint sweat-pulses rainbow-shines Masks fan-in bob-up bow-down fan-out Bata drums beat to Dance baiLar taTum chanClar Fifa dives into his Mother’s water-body Swims and multiplies through her waves to lands and times suns and lunas away Now some of us swim in Yemandja’s aquabody Poems songs stories in the forgotten tongues of our ancestors flow through Yemandja’s aquarhytms running into our crimson stream We sing and speak in the forgotten languages of our African ancestors Our cradle our First Motherland Sub-Saharan Africa Who for thousands of years knew no writing script but developed the richest oral traditions Keeping our strongest ties to Her Alive In our intimate communal stew Our vibrations gain more power day by day with just our words no guns just words from tongue to dialect through language after language shimmering through the fullest spectrum from longest red through shortest violet kissing caressing Yemandja’s aquasoul charged and fed by Shango’s power steeped in Fifa’s tenderness soaring up into Oyaya Joy Joie Alegría Armed with only our rainbow-words We open our lips before the soldiers in every land When they see us as their enemy they raise their guns s h o o t! k i l l! Our lips catch the bullets bathe them in our crimson circulation Then blow their bullets back at them with just our rainbow-words Our love-bullets penetrate their hot metallic lips flow into their icicle hearts melting them into sunset wavelets Their bodies and spirits join us radiating through Yemandja’s Aquasoul back to our First Motherland our Sub-Saharan Africa We crawl upon Her beach struggle to stand up join our primal souls and sing walk dance and run in trance northward up the hills back to our source As one we stand around the baobab tree mouths agape to the sky drinking Yemandja’s holy-drops holding each others spirit-hands all in one Soul-High up to Shango We are The Dream Oyaya Fifa! Shango glitters vermilion-silver into our rainbow-harmony His bolts thunder down He lifts his double axe then strikes We all merge into the Fon man and his Yovo woman They stand arm in arm against the baobab tree facing the firing squad Then just before the guns e x p l o d e the enchanted couple s m i l e The Dream out into every hand breath and beat Then every human soul will laugh Oyaya smile Fifa into Ofiyafaya! <<Blue Mundi>>