Orange que te quiero verde, that's Poeticah

The Visual Poetry of Poeticah explores the boundaries between poetry, languages, and traditional with computer visual art.

This is a poem from my chapbook Axtlanadu.

<<Axtlanadu>> Revenge of the Payasos I enter my car to go to work. Its door cracks my knuckles. Strike that door. ¡Ay caramba! That door aches to cream me. A policía caught me for speeding. Can't locate mi licencia. Wallet snuck beneath the clay. Car is out to smoke me. Must complete my work in an hour. My clerk tries not to snicker. Shoes don't go: black shoe, gray boot. That bota kicked mi hora. Home from work to treat compadres. Don't shake, must be mi casa. Then see Larry, Moe, and Curly Shaking my act with their play. Rarely enjoyed The Three Stooges. Guess they came to mock me. Relieved, I waken from cackling tornados. But fear knocks on my coming days Because Cantinflas haunts those días. <<Axtlanadu>>