Orange que te quiero verde, that's Poeticah

The Visual Poetry of Poeticah explores the boundaries between poetry, languages, and traditional with computer visual art.

This is a poem from my chapbook Axtlanadu.

<<Axtlanadu>> Medley of Daffodils and Mexican Hats To William Wordsworth I want to be your blissful "inward eye", Dance among your dancing daffodils, Frolic with you in your lakes and hills. Maybe then you'll make my muse comply. I want your "spots of time" to make me high, Make my spirit play your lucid bells: Bells that ring throughout my creeks and dells To fly me to your Lucy in the sky. I shall erect an altar in your name When Día de los Muertos comes around. I'll place the poems there that sealed your fame, And hope your brilliant spirit feeds my ground. So Daffodils and Mexican Hats can party, And dance with gusto in jocund company. <<Axtlanadu>>